Winter Blues or Depression?

It is common for people at this time of the year to wonder if they have the Winter Blues or Depression.  First, to reiterate, this is common.  You can do what you can to get rid of the blues, such as getting outside  or using a light for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  

On the other hand, depression lingers. It does not go away on a sunny day.  Depression interferes with life and with joy, which can be hard to even remember when you are depressed. Your feelings of sadness can even interfere with sleep and often interfere with concentration, work, and with relationships.  Your appetite can change: eating too much or too little.  You might be more irritable than usual.  You may not even want to do what used to interest you the most.  You can feel worthless or even suicidal.   If you find that you are depressed or that the Winter Blues do not go away, it is time to get some help.  Feel free to call my office at 410-381-7551 or the office of another clinical psychologist.  Psychotherapy works very well for depression, generally as well as medication and without the side effects.  It is best to work on what issues might have contributed to the depression, which can include unresolved anger, loneliness, grief or other issues.